Iminta - What are you inta?

Iminta Once Was

A long time ago, Bill and Aaron made a site that helped friends keep up with what they found interesting around the internet.

We've moved on to other things and finally shut down Iminta in 2012. Anyone interested in the technology or other assets can contact us if they care to.

What People Said of Iminta Offers 'One Ring' for Your Online Life


"Getting started is dead simple.... Just enter your username for each service and Iminta will do the rest.

"The interface and design of Iminta a very nice and heavy use of Ajax means there's very few page loads — most things happen in the background allowing you to look around even as Iminta is working."

Iminta: Another Way to Lifestream What You're Into


"Iminta is what I'm in to. Get it? Aside from a clever name, this garage-based startup has a lot of things going for it. The first most noticeable thing is it's very slickly designed, with a very Ajaxian style interface (just about everything on the site slides around or has some sort of animated quality to it)."

Your privacy is variable: Iminta gets it


"Iminta has a cool thing going for it: you can put your followers in groups and specify which group sees what... I really like the idea of variable resolution for social feeds. Maybe that's because, as an old guy (as opposed to a gen-MySpace guy), I think privacy matters and that it's not an all-or-nothing concept."

Ex-CNETer Launches Iminta


"On the flip side, they allow people viewing your feed to strip out some of your feeds. So if you Twitter too much, for example, your friends can choose not to see that, but leave everything else.

"It makes for a less simplified interface than FriendFeed, which has its pros and cons. But as you add a lot of friends, the ability to manage the data is, in my opinion, a good thing."